The Happy Lark!

Have you heard about The Happy Lark?  

If you have young children, or if you know young children, you are going to want to know all about The Happy Lark.  The Happy Lark is a modern shop and an indoor play space full of creative, unplugged toys that encourage kids to move and create and PLAY!  

Happy Lark Full Color Vertical.jpg

The Happy Lark offers birthday parties, and if you sign up for one of their adorable theme packages, Hurley House will be providing the cake!

The party themes are so cute!  Unicorn.  Camp.  Monster.  Sprinkles.  SOOOOO much fun!

Even more fun?  The cakes.  Unicorn Strawberry Cake.  Camp Chocolate Chip Cake.  Monster Chocolate Cake.  And Vanilla Sprinkle Cake.  All decorated with the theme colors and added extras.  Who knew cake could be so fun?!

This week at Store Hours we are previewing the cakes that will be featured at The Happy Lark parties, and you can stop by to see them in person and take a slice home!  We will also have plenty of information about The Happy Lark and all they offer!

As an added bonus this week, everyone who stops by for Store Hours will be entered to win a one month play space membership and a Baby Lit book from The Happy Lark!  

Hope to see you on Wednesday!