Mother's Day Baskets

I became a mother twelve years ago when our oldest daughter Annie was born on the day before my twenty-seventh birthday.  Having a newborn baby girl all wrapped up in my arms was the best birthday gift I've ever received.  The day after she was born, on my birthday, we had a party in my hospital room complete with cake, candles, cards, gifts, and lots of special friends.  It was a celebration of life, birth, and the exciting beginning to my role as a mother.

Today, four little humans call me Mommy.  Mothering them is the best hardest work I have ever done.  I believe it's a true statement that I am a natural nurturer, or perhaps better stated, my heart deeply longs to provide comfort and a safe place for my little ones.  But mothering as a full-time, life-encompassing pursuit has not always come easily or naturally to me.  

My mothering experience has been a series of rewarding highs (Everyone can sleep through the night!  Everyone is potty trained!  Everyone can prepare their own breakfast!) and plenty of humbling reminders of how imperfectly I approach the process  of guiding and leading my little brood in the way that is right for each of them.  I fail constantly ( I'm sorry for being impatient.  I'm sorry for not listening.  I'm sorry the tooth fairy forgot to come.)  And yet, they all still love me, cry for me when they are hurt, smile when I pick them up, and show me the beauty of motherhood reflected in each of their sweet faces.

Who are the mothers in your life?  It's time to celebrate each of them!

Hurley House has an exciting new line of gift baskets to celebrate all the mothers in your life.  We have partnered with local florist Oh Deery, and have created three lovely Mother's Day baskets filled with sweet treats, gorgeous fresh flowers, and plenty of pretty little extras from companies we love.

Have a lovely week!