Big Announcement Number One!

Hurley House has Big, BIG, BIG news to share!  I've been dreaming and planning for months, working toward this exciting series of unveilings, and today it begins!

Hurley House now offers hospitality classes!

The name of the class is Hosted, and classes will begin in September.  Each class will engage you in the practical elements of hosting while addressing the heart behind hospitably.  

Do you already enjoy inviting people into your home?  Hosted is for you!

Does the thought of inviting people over freak you out?  Hosted is for you!

Do you like the thought of hosting a party, but don't know where to begin?  Hosted is for you!

Do you wish you had top-notch resources that would set you up to succeed in your hosting efforts?  Hosted is for you!

Hospitality is at the heart of everything Hurley House offers, and I have designed these classes to inspire and equip you in your own efforts to open your home and your table to others.  The evening will be a time to gather and connect with others in an encouraging environment.  You can ask honest questions about your own hospitality challenges and receive personalized professional advice.

Class size will be small (10-12 people), and the cost is $40.  The class will include beverages, dessert, and a complete set of printed materials covering everything we discuss (menus, recipes, sources, skills, notes).  

To access dates and registration information click on the CLASSES tab at the top of the page.  We currently have registration available for one class per month through the fall, and additional classes will be arranged and opened based on demand.  

If you are interested in attending Hosted, but are unable to secure a spot, please sign up for the waiting list on the registration website.  This will help determine how many classes we need to offer per month!

Interested in the resources but can't attend the class?  All materials from each class will be available in our Etsy shop in either downloadable form or hard copies shipped to your door.  

Have a group of friends who you think might enjoy spending an evening together talking about dinner parties and swanky soirees while sipping wine and nibbling on delicious desserts?  Book a private Hosted class and customize all the details.  

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Stay tuned for more big news coming your way next week!