Big Announcement Number Three!

Hooray for Hosted!  Hooray for the Birthday Club!  And hooray for today's big news!

If you've followed our business from the beginning, you may know that one of my very biggest dreams is to find a commercial location for Hurley House to be all that I imagine it can be.  I don't hide the fact that my current location (i.e., the house where me and my family actually live) is less than ideal, that the lack of space is limiting, and that what I really long for is different than the reality in which I find myself.  

It's easy for me to get exasperated, entitled, and whiney when I think that what I have falls short of what I wish I had.

In our dining room hangs a banner that reads, "Thankful."  A one word reminder.  A simple truth.  A subtle shift that changes everything.  "Gratitude turns what we have into enough."  I can't recall where I first read those words, but they have stuck.  Gratitude has wedged its way into my heart and slowly changed my tune from complaining to content.

With a thankful heart, what I have is enough, and I've decided to use it to the fullest. 

Starting next week, on September 2, Hurley House will have Store Hours every Wednesday from 9:00 to 2:00 at 8 Windward Road.  That's right, friends.  Our front door just became our store front.

Is your mind blown?  Mine too.  Let's take a deep breath and figure it out together.

Here's how it will work...  

I will bake things.  You will come buy them.  On Wednesdays.  At my house.  Every week.  (See?  It's easy!)

Maybe you have questions.  That makes sense.  Let me see if I can answer some of them for you.

Q:  So, do I just walk in the front door?  Or do I knock?  

A:  Yes, you will just walk in!  You're invited, and you have my permission, and I will be expecting you, and it won't be weird at all.  We will all get use to it, and then it will be normal.

Q:  How will I know what you are baking?

A:  Great question!  Every Sunday night I will post the items that I will be baking for the coming week on our Facebook page and here on our website.  Maybe you see Strawberry Cake on the menu, and you love Strawberry Cake, so you make a note in your calendar to make sure and stop by to get some Strawberry Cake on Wednesday.  

Q:  What if I want to reserve something?

A:  I think that's a terrific idea!  If you see Brownies on the menu for that week, and you want to make sure you get some Brownies before they sell out, then drop me a quick email to let me know how many you'd like.  I will package them, put your name on them, and have them waiting for you on Wednesday!

Q:  What kinds of things will you be offering?

A:  Cookies, bars, cakes (whole or by the slice), pies, muffins or scones, market items like granola and other goodies, and always always always Sparkle Sandwich Cookies.  

Q:  Can I order something that you aren't offering that week?

A:  Of course!  Special requests are our specialty.  

Q:  Can I stay?

A:  Nothing would make my heart happier than for you to stay.  I will have coffee and water for you, and you are so welcome to bring a friend (or your children) and sit at my table together enjoying a treat.  

Q:  Is there anything else I should know?

A:  You should know that I can't wait for Wednesdays, and I hope to see you very soon!

I believe good things are worth the wait, and I believe patience is a virtue formed only in situations that actually require us to be...patient.  So while patience is developing, and while my dream is growing, let's hang out on Wednesdays at my house.  The store front door will be open!