The Announcement I've Always Wanted To Make

Hurley House has found a commercial location, and we are opening a store!

With overflowing joy and a heart full of gratitude, I am excited to officially announce that we have found a place for Hurley House to set up shop and take the next step in the growth of our business.  

We have been on the hunt for a commercial location for over two years.  We seriously considered space thirty minutes to our west, twenty minutes to our east, fifteen minutes north, each time thinking we had found "the one" and gearing up for a bit of a commute.  All three opportunities fell through.

Until now.  

In December we received a tip on a vacancy, and it happened to be less than a mile from our house.  One thing led to another, and the very short version of a beautiful story is that the vacant spot is going to be Hurley House's new home.

I'm sure you have questions.  Let me see if I can answer a few of them.

Where will the new store be?  The address is 5512 Bellaire Drive South, in the Country Day Plaza shopping center, on the corner of Bryant-Irvin and Bellaire Drive South, right across from Country Day School.  Our store will be the space on the very north end, next door to the Young Life office, a few doors down from Pak-A-Pocket.  

When will the new store open?  It is a tiny bit too early to declare an official opening date, but if everything goes according to plan, we will open in late spring.  We promise to keep you updated along the way.

What will the new store offer?  We will continue to offer baked goods, market items, boxed lunches, private event catering, Hosted classes, and gift baskets.  We will also add some very exciting new products including prepared meals (can I get an amen?), on-site Hurley House events (hey, we're having a party, and we want you to come!), and the opportunity for you to host your private party or gathering at our location (we do the work, you enjoy being with your guests).

Will you have regular hours?  Yes!  We will have regular retail hours, to be announced soon.

Will you be a restaurant?  No.  Hurley House is not a restaurant.  But, as always, you can come in, grab a treat and a cup of coffee, have a seat, and linger as long as you like.  We are working hard to design a space that welcomes you to walk in our door and come back again and again.

What's one exciting detail I should know?  For all you busy moms out there with small children, this tidbit is going to rock your world.  The new space has a drive through window!  I will allow your imagination to run wild for a minute with the amazing implications of that statement.  (beep beep.  "I'm here to pick up my Spaghetti Pie.  Can I also grab a chocolate cake for my friend's birthday?  And a bag of granola? And a Sparkle Sandwich Cooke for the road?")  Amazing, am I right?

What can I do to help?  Truly, the best thing you can do for us is to continue to call us and order our products.  Sign up for Hosted classes, call us for birthday cakes, order class treats from us, let us cater your next event, stop in for Store Hours on Wednesdays...we need to stay busy and ramp up for the transition.  If you would like to do more, we are in the process of funding an interest-free micro loan through an organization called Kiva Zip.  For as little as $25, you can partner with us to help cover part of the enormous cost involved in setting up shop.  This isn't a gift, it is a loan, which means you will get your money back.  To view our page click here.

What's next?  Stay connected and check back often!  We will begin to share the fun details of the process as it unfolds.

We look forward to sharing this adventure with you!