What is Kiva?

Kiva.  Pronounced like "diva."  

Kiva.  Not a scam or hoax.  

Kiva.  A tangible way for you to help make the new Hurley House store a reality.

Here's the truth.  Opening a store requires a lot of things, and one of those things is money.  Money, as you know, does not grow on trees, but it does make itself available in a variety of forms.  One form that is really quite fun is through an organization called Kiva Zip.  The people at Kiva Zip are doing amazing things to help small business owners all over the world.  Hurley House is now part of that community too!

Kiva.  Kiva.  Kee-vah.  (Keep repeating it.  It will become less strange.)

Kiva Zip provides character-based, crowd-sourced, interest-free, micro loans which allow small business owners the capital they need to grow their business.  So many fancy words in one little sentence.  Let's break it down.  

Character Based.  Approval for a Kiva loan isn't based on credit scores.  It's based on the character of the loan applicant.  In order for a loan to be publicly published on the Kiva Zip website, the applicant must acquire a certain number of financial backers from their personal network of supporters to prove they have a network of people who will vouch for their character.  Good news!  Hurley House passed the test and our loan is now public.  

Crowd Sourced.  The money doesn't come from a bank.  It comes from individuals (like you!) who believe in our dream and want to make it a reality.  

Interest Free.  We are not charged interest on this loan, which allows our money to go towards things like sheet pans and mixing bowls instead of interest payments.

Micro Loan.  This is a loan.  It is not a gift or a donation.  You will get your money back.  

Hurley House has applied for a $5,000 loan through Kiva to help pay for the equipment in our new store.  For a minimum loan amount of $25, you can jump in an get involved in a very tangible way.  

We have 16 days left to get our loan 100% funded.  If the loan is not fully funded by the end of 16 days, we do not receive any of the money.  That would be a real bummer.

Would you consider loaning Hurley House $25?  Or $50?  Or $100?  Right now we are $3,075 away from our goal of $5,000. 

You can click here to get involved!

The countdown is on!  We will keep you updated.  Thank you for partnering with Hurley House on this exciting adventure!