Opening Day

Today was the big day!  We opened our doors to the public, and you all showed up in spectacular form!

A few highlights from today include multiple flower deliveries (seriously, so many beautiful arrangements!), hugs from friends and family, kids squealing with delight as they dove into their first Sparkle Sandwich Cookie, and a sold-out bakery case by mid-afternoon.  

The tables were full of people talking, connecting, and lingering.  We brewed lots of coffee, figured out we have the wrong kind of trash bags, learned the best place for the forks, and managed to slice cake without any disasters.  We also didn't make near enough food, but we will figure that out and make the necessary adjustments.  

All the happy smiles and high-fives were amazing, but the best part of my day, the richest memory I will hold in my heart, were your tears.  Several of you upon stepping inside and taking a look around, became overwhelmed and began to cry.  It was raw and beautiful, and truly the sweetest gift I can imagine.  

I was moved by your recognition that it isn't the color of the walls or the style of the furniture that makes Hurley House the kind of place you want to be, it's something more that whispers, "Welcome home."  

There is nothing I want more than for you to want to come back to Hurley House because you felt comfortable and cared for.  Nothing.  Thank you for celebrating with us today.  We can't wait to welcome you back again and again!