The History of THE Hurley House

When people ask about the name of our business, they assume my name is Katherine Hurley.  My name is not Katherine Hurley.  My name is Katherine Sasser, but my family and I did live in a beautiful historic home on Hurley Avenue many years ago.  The name "Hurley House" is a direct call-back to that house.  

We never intended to live in the Hurley House for more than a year.  After quickly selling our home in another part of town, the rental house on Hurley was intended to be a brief hitching post for our family while we looked for our next house to purchase.  The home was breathtaking, bigger than anything we had ever lived in.  The halls were expansive.  The bathrooms were spacious and full of charming details.  There were wood-framed windows that let in the most beautiful light throughout all the rooms.  It was dreamy.

When given all this space, much more than our family needed, our response was to find ways to put it to good use to serve others.  I loved to cook, and nothing made us happier than having people gather around our table together.  So we threw open wide our doors and invited others in to live life with us.  

Fifty college Young Life leaders needed a place to meet on a weekly basis with room to break into teams.  So we hosted their leadership meetings, feeding them a homemade dinner each week.

Bible Studies needed somewhere to meet, so we opened our living room and brewed a lot of coffee.

A very special TCU student named Rachel needed a family and a place to live, so we put our extra bedroom to good use and invited her to live with us.  

That same Rachel turned the Hurley House into a sacred space when she and her now-husband Patrick chose to get married in our living room a few years later.  

Along the way, with all of those people sharing space in our home, coming and going and meeting together, our home became knows as The Hurley House.  And so, the name was born, taking on a life of its own.

I still get a little weepy when I recall our years at the Hurley House.  Yes, the home was lovely.  But it wasn't the walls or the windows that made our time there exquisite.  It was the way of life, of opening and welcoming others, of giving out of abundance only to discover there was always an abundance waiting in return, of watching the space become a place of healing and connection...simply because we welcomed others in and created a space for them.  It's the most beautiful thing I know.