What is Hosted?

Hosted is a series of hospitality classes, featuring a discussion-based curriculum that engages you in the heart of hospitality.

Great.  So...what is it?

Imagine a table full of friends, drinking wine, nibbling on snacks, and sharing horror stories from their last dinner party where a guest spilled red wine all over their new white carpet.  Should the guest be expected to pay for it?  Should she be invited back?

Or, have you ever wondered why it is so freaking difficult to get an entire party menu cooked and on the table while everything is still hot and also make sure you are showered and have plenty of ice in the ice bucket and the kids are fed and the dog is in his crate and the music is on and the candles are lit and the house is clean???  Why are simple things never simple?

Or, if you decide to host people in your home, what are your responsibilities?  What are reasonable things to expect from your guests?

Or, imagine finally understanding the difference between entertaining and hosting.  Why do we even bother inviting people over?  What can we do to make the experience enjoyable instead of a Pinterest-inspired shame fest?

These are the kinds of discussions we have at Hosted.  

We gather at the table.  We enjoy beverages and sweet treats.  We listen to the content.  We ask questions.  We laugh.  We connect and realize community is life-changing, and hosting is the kind of hard work that is worth the effort.

But we don't stop there.  Once we've delved into the depths of the heart of hospitality, we keep it real and get super practical with recipes, tips, and strategies.  (Do you know the secret to making boxed brownies taste homemade?  Do you know how to skip ironing napkins?  Do you know how much salt to add to pasta water?)

I began teaching these classes around my dining room table several years ago, and they quickly became one of my favorite things.

This summer, we are teaching these classes every Thursday night.  You will leave with a packet of materials, and the resources to begin improving your hosting skills.  These classes are fun, and the perfect opportunity to spend an evening with friends.  

We hope to see you at a Hosted class soon!

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