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HOSTED Hospitality Classes

HOSTED is a discussion-based gathering that engages each participant in the heart as well as the practical elements of hospitality.  

HOSTED takes common hospitality challenges and provides practical, real-life, professional solutions in an engaging and informal setting.  

HOSTED provides a relational, fun evening with practical, engaging content that will support, encourage, and equip you to improve your hospitality skills.

$40 per person.  Class materials, dessert, and beverages provided.  At this time we are only booking private classes.  8 person minimum per class.  Please contact us for booking details!

Whiskey Classes

whiskey bottles.jpg

Whiskey collector and enthusiast, Timm Sasser, will lead you through an evening of all things whiskey.  

He will share knowledge about the difference between a Bourbon and a Rye, a Scotch and an Irish, and offer his insight on how to build your own whiskey collection.

$50 per person.  

Class materials, food, and beverages provided.  

Registration is required.

Seasonal Dinner Parties

Grab a group of friends and join us around the table!  

Seasonal three-course menus served in a cozy (kid-free) environment provide the perfect setting for catching up with old friends or connecting with someone new.  

Adults only.  

Please bring your own alcoholic beverages, if desired.  

Registration is required.  

$40 per person.  

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Contact us by phone (817.349.8934) or email at hurleyhouse.events@gmail.com